File Integrity Monitoring

Protect your servers against both known and unknown threats.

Stop known and unknown threats without antivirus signatures

File Integrity Monitoring is a key element in any IT infrastructure security strategy and is particularly effective in a defense-in-depth security approach.

By leveraging the industry-leading technology of Trend Micro, Lumen File Integrity Monitoring will help ensure business continuity by protecting against known and unknown vulnerabilities on over 100 applications and operating systems. Trend Micro agents alert on unexpected changes to OS files and directories that could be caused by breaches or the execution of malware that went undetected by anti-virus.

While antivirus technology works to protect a system, File Integrity Monitoring doesn’t seek out specific files. Instead, it looks for specific methods that are known approaches to infecting networks and hosts, as well as other traffic patterns that can lead to degraded service on the system. Our File Integrity Monitoring attack signatures detect, then block, the actual malicious traffic that any threat relies upon to sabotage your machine.

Focus on your core business competencies while Lumen provides the security expertise.

What this means is that File Integrity Monitoring can protect servers against both known and unknown threats, even before antivirus signatures have been developed in response. And because Lumen Cloud has partnered with Trend Micro, an industry leading security technology provider, we’re able to provide our customers with best-in-class security services.

File Integrity Monitoring Benefits

  • New tech for product from Trend Micro provides support for market-leading vendor
  • Extensive provisioning with customer involvement ensures properly tuned solution
  • Helps the retail industry comply with PCI requirements 10.5.5 and 11.5
  • Protects Lumen platforms: Managed Hosting, Private and Public Cloud

File Integrity Monitoring Features

Protect workloads with alerts on unexpected changes to OS files and directories that could be from breaches or from the execution of sophisticated malware that eludes anti-virus.

  • Include up to two special rules for applications or files in addition to defining monitored files and directories on Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Scanning intervals customized to optimize performance and security requirements
  • Scan results of changes can be forwarded via syslog to Customer SIEM by request
  • Alerts are via Portal reporting of standard file and directory changes and via email if requested
  • Investigations of alerts on managed systems by Lumen Operations performed on request

Use Cases

Validate File Integrity

Changes to configurations, files and file attributes across IT infrastructure are common. Hidden within a large volume of daily changes, however, can be the few that impact file or configuration integrity.

Meeting Compliance Objectives

Multiple compliance objectives indicate file integrity monitoring as a requirement. Attack signatures detect, then block, the actual malicious traffic that any threat relies upon to sabotage your network.

Thwart Attacks to IT Assets

As cyberattacks grow in number and sophistication, a service that monitors critical directories and files rand sends an alert whenever specified files undergo an unexpected change is extremely important.

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