Managed MySQL

Management and maintenance for your MySQL workloads.




MySQL – the standard in open source relational databases — excels in so many use cases. And now you can reap benefits of Managed MySQL throughManaged Services Anywhere. Our team of experts takes on the administration, maintenance and support of your MySQL database environment and infrastructure.

Achieve maximum performance by combining Managed MySQL with Managed Services Anywhere to achieve a Managed MySQL solution that can sustain even the most demanding workload. It can turbocharge even the most demanding database workloads you thought could never fit on the cloud.

Supported Versions and Operating Systems
  • All vendor-supported versions and operating systems for MySQL
Ediciones compatibles
  • Enterprise Edition
Supported Services
  • Support for the MySQL MyISAM storage engine
  • Support for the MySQL InnoDB storage engine
  • Support for MySQL Database Replication


MySQL tasks performed on behalf of the customer include:

  • Maintain Licensing and Software Assurance with Oracle MySQL for Lumen provided Licenses
  • Prepare el servidor para el servicio de aplicación (parámetros específicos del sistema operativo)
  • Install MySQL Server (including available options and features)
  • Harden MySQL Server to CIS Level 1 and Lumen Standards
  • Install MSA Monitoring
  • Perform Quality Assurance against MySQL Server Installation/Hardening
  • Create/Configure MySQL Server service accounts
  • Configure supported protocols (TCP/IP, Named pipes, TCP Port, IP Address and SSL Certificate allocation)
  • Configure Database Storage Engine
  • Configure Database Replication when purchased
  • Configure Lumen Monitoring (as appropriate)
  • Configure Lumen approved and provided Database Backups and Maintenance Jobs
  • Install and configure Lumen Disk/Tape Backups (if purchased)
  • Rebuild broken database Replication sets when replication support is purchased
  • Perform Database Backups and Restores upon request
  • MySQL Log Monitoring
  • Coordine parches con el cliente durante las horas de mantenimiento
  • Customer initiated Redundancy & High Availability Test/Audit for MySQL database

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