Managed Active Directory Services

Expert maintenance of your identity and access management.


Managed Active Directory Cloud Services

Managing your Active Directory can be a thankless task. Let our team of experts take on the tactical maintenance of this service – without losing any self-service access when you really need it.

Versiones compatibles
  • Microsoft Active Directory 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Active Directory 2012
Supported Services
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Servicios de directorio
Sistemas operativos admitidos
  • Managed Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Managed Microsoft Windows Server 0
Deployment Scenarios
  • Create a new Stand-Alone Forest in the Lumen Cloud
  • Extend your existing Domain into the Lumen Cloud
  • Create a Child Domain in the Lumen Cloud


Tasks performed on behalf of the customer include:

  • Procure SSL Certificate for LDAPs (if purchased through Lumen)
  • Maintain Licensing and Support with Microsoft
  • Prepare Server for Active Directory (OS Specific Parameters)
  • Install Microsoft AD and DNS services
  • Harden Microsoft AD to NIST and Lumen Standards
  • Install SSL Certificates for LDAPs
  • Instale el monitoreo de Lumen
  • Perform Quality Assurance against Microsoft AD Installation/Hardening
  • Configure DNS Server services
  • Configure NTP Server services
  • Configure DNS/NTP Client services on Lumen managed servers
  • Configure Sites & Services for Lumen Managed Sites
  • Configure Trusts to Lumen Managed Domains
  • Perform Lumen Supported Schema Extensions
  • Create/Modify Lumen standard Group Policies
  • Change Domain/Forest Function Level
  • Configure el monitoreo de Lumen
  • Unlock User Accounts
  • Reset User Passwords
  • Disable Users
  • Monitoreo de registro de aplicaciones
  • Actualice los servidores gestionados con todos los parches de seguridad recomendados, service packs y parches urgentes a solicitud del cliente
  • Bulk Create Users/Groups (flat OU/Container)
  • Join Lumen managed servers to a Lumen managed Active Directory Domain/Forest
  • Coordine parches con el cliente durante las horas de mantenimiento
  • Perform an Authoritative Restore of Active Directory
Recursos hourly
Managed Microsoft Active Directory

Per server

$0.28 / VM

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