Direct Connect

A dedicated network connection between a company network and Lumen Cloud data centers.


Data Center Cross-Connect

Customers who share space with a Lumen Cloud co-location partner can establish Ethernet connectivity between our cages and their own infrastructure. Provides a fast, low-latency connection to public cloud services.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Network

Customers with an internal MPLS network mesh that has a supported carrier can easily add a secure connection to one of our global data centers.


Lumen supports fast 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps inbound connections.

Alcance global

Direct Connect is available in every Lumen Cloud data center. Some data centers offer up to 300 distinct carrier options. A full list of carriers is available upon request.

Complete Cloud Management

Access each feature of the Lumen Cloud over a Direct Connect channel. Provision servers, deploy Blueprints, manage environments and much more.

Casos de uso

Private or Hybrid Cloud

Create a truly private or hybrid cloud experience with Lumen by establishing an Ethernet cross-connect or MPLS extension to our infrastructure. Keep your cloud servers off the public Internet, and avoid the performance penalty, bandwidth limitations and DDoS risks inherent in a public Internet connection.

High Volume Data Transfers

Leverage a dedicated, private connection for high volume data transfers between sites and avoid slowing down your company’s public Internet connection.

Low-Latency Connections

Maintain a hyper low-latency connection for bandwidth-sensitive services running in the Lumen Cloud. For example, customers may roll out an enterprise-wide Microsoft Lync deployment on Lumen and maintain consistent performance for users on the corporate network.

Data Center Cross Connect

1 Gbps port connection

Custom price. Contact for details.

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Cloud Security

Una amplia variedad de opciones de seguridad gestionadas y superpuestas para defender las cargas de trabajo en la nube/alojamiento.

Load Balancers

Ensure maximum uptime and reliability, the Lumen Cloud offers a portfolio of cloud load balancers to meet the unique requirements of your apps.


Create custom DNS zones, provided by industry-leader Dyn, Inc.


Connect networks within a particular data center through the use of configurable firewall policies, and create firewall policies that connect different data centers.

Lumen Cloud Recognized by Frost & Sullivan

Lumen honored with Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 “Company of the Year” award.

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