Server Comparison Matrix

Updated by Bryan Friedman on Jun 25, 2015
Article Code: kb/801
Some functions within the Control Portal and associated APIs are only applicable for specific types of servers. The table below specifies which capabilities are supported for each server type.
Capability Standard Bare Metal
Power Operations
Maintenance Mode x
Off x x
On x x
Pause x
Reboot x
Reset x x
Shutdown x
Server Actions
Add One Public IP x x
Add Multiple Public IPs x
Archive x
Clone x
Convert to Template x
Execute Package x x
Scheduled Tasks x
Snapshot x
Server Metadata
Change Group x x
Set Description x x
Set Custom Fields x x
Server Policies
Alert Policies x
Anti-Affinity Policies
CPU Autoscale x
Server Resources
Add Storage x
Edit CPU x
Edit Memory x
Edit Storage x
Show Credentials x x
Update Password x x
Blueprints x