Searching for Records in the Account Activity History Log

Updated by Richard Seroter on Oct 26, 2021
Article Code: kb/1020


All actions performed by users in the Lumen Cloud are recorded. The Lumen Cloud Activity Account History log can be viewed on the Lumen Cloud Control Portal or exported to as a CSV file for further analysis. This log includes the activities performed by users within an account and any sub-accounts.


  1. Using the left navigation bar, select Settings > Account Settings > Activity.

    Review the filtering options for the history list. Users can add keywords, apply a date range, and choose which accounts or sub-accounts to search.

  2. Add keywords to filter based on any text value within the log entry. Keyword filters are applied as an "AND" not an "OR", so all values in the keyword box must match the log entry.

  3. Select a date range and account collection. The account list includes all active and inactive accounts as logs are kept for accounts even after they are deleted.
  4. Remove filters from the list by clicking the "x" next to each one, clicking the "clear filters" link, or by changing the values in the Refine Results pane.
  5. To export account history, locate the button called Download .csv activity report.
  6. Clicking the Download .csv activity report button triggers a download of a CSV file that contains only the records that match the active filter.