Determine The Ports Used By A SQL Instance

Updated by Jake Malmad on Apr 01, 2015
Article Code: kb/867


It is common knowledge that the default SQL instance uses port 1433. However, when SQL server hosts multiple instances, or a custom port is being used, communication problems can arise. There are two easy ways to determine which ports are being used by a given SQL instance.

METHOD ONE: SQL Query/Stored procedure

  1. Execute the following SQL Query (if one-off) or as a stored procedure (if executing multiple times)


  2. The output should appear with the ports listed:

    Query Result

    In this instance, port 61737 is being used.

METHOD TWO: SQL Configuration Manager

  1. Open "SQL Configuration Manager"

  2. Expand "SQL Server Network Configurations" and select "Protocols for "INSTANCE NAME"

  3. In the right pane, right-click on "TCP/IP" and select "Properties".

  4. Choose the "IP Addresses" tab, and the port will be shown at the bottom: