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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: May 12, 2020

Updated by Randy Wansing on May 12, 2020
Article Code: kb/1305

Announcements (1)

Dedicated Cloud Compute

DCCCore Support Hot Add/Plug

Dedicated Cloud Compute (DCC) now let’s you add resources to a running virtual machine. By default, you cannot change resources ~ vCPU & vRAM to a powered-on virtual machine.

Enhancements (2)

Cloud Application Manager Platform

Session Timeout

A dialog box showing user session about to expire is displayed. This is to make sure that a session times out due to inactivity, and the user is logged out of their CAM account.

Managed Services Anywhere

Removed Same VPC Requirement

Managed Services Anywhere team has removed the requirement for the Management Appliance to be in the same VPC.