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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: March 5, 2019

Updated by John Gerger on Mar 05, 2019
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Enhancements (5)

Application Lifecycle Management

Exclude Lifecycle Management option on Deployment Policy Boxes

Application Lifecycle Management now supports a new Exclude Lifecycle Management toggle in Virtual Machine type Deployment Policy Boxes for all major cloud providers. When the user enables this toggle, the Cloud Application Manager agent will not be installed into the deployed machine, so the instance will be free of any foreign code. The user will be only able to stop/start or terminate these instances, but will also have the option to later enable lifecycle management on this type of instances that will install the agent and allow full management features.

Display box version in activity log

Application Lifecycle Management now displays the version of the box in the activity log of an instance when executing an event. The user is now able to identify which version of a box has been used when executing an inner box event in the instance. This will help troubleshoot any issue in the even execution by knowing exactly the version that was used and hence the event code version that was used for it.

Auto-register ARM VM resources in managed providers

Application Lifecycle Management now includes the feature to auto-register VM instances that were deployed as part of an Azure ARM template deployment. The compute instances and ScalingSets included into the template box will be automatically registered in Cloud Application Manager and the make managed process will be executed on them.

New CloudFormation types supported

Application Lifecycle Management now supports additional CloudFormation types to be used in CloudFormation template boxes. These additional types are:
"AWS::RAM::ResourceShare", "AWS::RoboMaker::Fleet", "AWS::RoboMaker::Robot", "AWS::RoboMaker::RobotApplication", AWS::RoboMaker::RobotApplicationVersion", "AWS::RoboMaker::SimulationApplication" and "AWS::RoboMaker::SimulationApplicationVersion". The user can now use these new resource types in the template definition of any CloudFormation template box or update the template file of any existing template instance and reconfigure it to use the new resource types.

Public Cloud IaaS

Simple Backup Restore Enhancements

We are pleased to announce enhancements to the restore functionality of the Simple Backup Service. We have added restore capability directly to our Simple Backup control portal application, allowing you to now perform restores from one central place. We also added the ability to restore files from one server to any other registered server in your infrastructure. Please see our knowledge base articles for more information on restore features.

Bug Fixes (2)

Cloud Application Manager Usage History Updates

AWS RI Validation Reports

For our AWS resale customers, a bug that delivered a blank .csv with RI Validation Information between the fist and ninth of every month in usage history has been fixed. The option to run the report will only be available on the tenth of each month, when we are certain we have finalized invoices from our vendors.

Line Items

Details regarding Promo Codes, AWS SaaS RI purchases which had not previously been shown will be visible.