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SafeHaven 5.2.5 Release Notes

Updated by Shi Jin on May 02, 2020
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Release Notes

  • SafeHaven Version: 5.2.5
  • Release Date: May 2, 2020

New Features and Enhancements

This is patch release based on SafeHaven 5.2.4 with the following improvements:

  • Manager.exe would immediately fail if the OS disk is detected as GPT style so that we don't waste time protecting it
  • All Windows EXEs are now signed with both SHA1 and SHA256
  • The protection group resize feature has increased its reliability through changes to the SSH client configurations

Upgrade Path

  • Upgrade from SafeHaven-4 to SafeHaven-5 will be a fresh new installation.
  • SafeHaven-5.0.1 and SafeHaven-5.1.* can be upgraded to 5.2.5 using the GUI but the SRN kernel and base package needs manual upgrade
    • Note that even though it is possible to just upgrade the debian package using the GUI without updating the kernel and base package, it is highly recommended to update the kernel and base package to benefit from the bug fix and also avoid complications on technical support
    • It is recommended that customers obtain help from the SafeHaven support team to perform the kernel and base package upgrade. Please create tickets via
    • Only expert users may follow this Upgrade procedure for SafeHaven 5.2 on their own
  • SafeHaven-5.2.* can be upgraded to 5.2.5 using the GUI.

SafeHaven Most Recent Releases

Please take a look at the link below to download the latest available release
Most recent Release updates

Download Links

Please note that you can check the md5 checksum against the file named MD5SUM-5.2.5.txt.


SafeHaven Inventory Sheet

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