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Cloud Application Manager Azure Native Monitoring Configuration

Updated by Jason Oldham on Mar 20, 2018
Article Code: kb/36


The below process details the steps to manual configure your Azure account for Lumen's Azure Native Monitoring functionality.

Create Lumen Cloud Monitoring IAM Policy

  • Access the Azure dashboard here
  • Click "Virtual machines" in the left-hand navigation and select your managed appliance VM
  • Click Configuration and select Yes for Managed service identity, and click Save.
  • Click Subscriptions in the left-hand navigation and click the subscription you want to apply your IAM policy to
  • Click Access control (IAM) and then click add
  • Select the role from the dropdown
  • Assign access to – Virtual Machine
  • Select your subscription from the dropdown
  • Select the Resource Group you want
  • Select the management appliance VM
  • Click save at the bottom
Contact Operations for Monitoring Policy Configuration
  • Contact operations here to request addition of Azure native monitoring checks to supplement existing monitoring coverage for the Managed OS offering.