Creating Blueprints with Privacy Setting of Private Shared

Updated by Chris Little on Nov 10, 2015
Article Code: kb/610


Blueprints created in the Lumen Cloud Platform can have one of three possible privacy settings:

  • Public: Public Blueprints are visible to any customer using the Lumen Cloud Control Portal and are most widely used for general purpose environments (e.g., “Single Exchange Server”, “Primary Domain Controller”) that use default server templates.
  • Private: Private Blueprints are only available for viewing or deployment by users within a given account. It makes sense to use this setting when building Blueprints that have unique server templates or configurations that are specific to an organization or business unit.
  • Private Shared: Private Shared Blueprints are those which are visible to users within a given account as well as any users in sub-accounts. Use this setting when creating Blueprints that should be private to a specific organization (i.e., parent account) but are relevant to the sub-account holders who may represent business units or customers



For an overall guide to creating Blueprints refer to our guide.

  1. Login to your Control Portal parent account.

  2. Navigate to Blueprints, Blueprints Library.
    Blueprints menu

  3. Select Create New Blueprint and in the Blueprint information dialog box select Private Shared in the Privacy section.
    select private shared

  4. Complete your blueprint configuration and publish it.
    blueprint published

Verify Blueprint Privacy settings

  1. Login (or switch context) to your Sub Account.

  2. Navigate to Blueprints, Blueprints Library.
    Blueprints menu

  3. Confirm the previously created Blueprint is available to deploy in the sub account.
    deploy blueprint in sub account

NOTE: Once your Blueprint is created, it will take a few moments for that Blueprint to replicate to other Lumen Cloud locations. That is, custom Blueprints are not instantly available globally for deployment.