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For businesses that demand scalable and reliable video delivery.

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Powering next-generation video delivery

Lumen CDN Mesh Delivery is an advanced implementation of the WebRTC standard that enables delivery of live and video on-demand (VOD) content from a CDN and between end user devices. Our global CDN point of presence (PoP) footprint extends to six continents and includes a mesh network topology that can deploy practically anywhere. Customized delivery to every device leverages user location, internet service provider, network topology, device, type of content and bitrate profiles to determine the fastest and most efficient delivery source.

By intelligently multisourcing content delivery from the CDN or a mesh network of devices, Lumen CDN Mesh Delivery dynamically determines the fastest and most efficient delivery source while offering an extra layer of flexibility, scalability and resiliency.

Tier 1 broadcasters leverage CDN Mesh Delivery for livestreams, catch-up TV, user generated content, and ad or subscription-based VOD content.

This distributed approach to delivery allows platforms to scale naturally to audiences of practically any size, virtually anywhere, regardless of the server infrastructure present. Lumen CDN Mesh Delivery also allows many of the world’s largest media, internet and entertainment companies to improve video quality, scale in a cost-effective manner and future-proof their platforms from growing demand.

CDN Mesh Delivery Benefits

Hybrid Delivery

Combine the best of a controlled global content delivery network with the scalability of distributed mesh architecture to deliver consistently smooth and reliable on-demand video and streaming linear channels.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Available on major web and mobile platforms, Android and iOS set top boxes, as well as smart TVs (FireTV, tvOS).

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play integration with a broad range of HTML5 and mobile players with support on major web and mobile platforms.


Feature-rich dashboard provides engineering teams with a comprehensive view of their platform’s traffic.

Quality of Service

Obtain video segments from the source that can provide them most quickly to reduce round trip time and promote more efficient use of the infrastructure. Platforms using Lumen CDN Mesh Delivery see higher average bitrates and up to three times less rebuffering than traditional CDN solutions.

Traffic and User Scalability

Easily handles traffic spikes by naturally scaling to viewers. More devices create a more powerful network, increasing delivery capacity and video quality in a cost-effective manner.

Geographic Scalability

Extend reach to global audiences, regardless of the proximity to the CDN through combined high capacity, high-speed distributed content delivery network and peer-to-peer technology.

CDN Mesh Delivery Capabilities

  • Higher bit rates and less rebuffering improve Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Leverage variables such as user location and ISP to optimize delivery
  • Integración plug-and-play sencilla con una amplia gama de reproductores HTML5 y móviles
  • Feature-rich dashboard provides comprehensive view of platform
  • Effective resource management accounts for device limitations
  • Funciona con la monetización y el flujo de trabajo de inserción de anuncios para anuncios personalizados sin interrupciones
Platform compatibility Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chromium-based browsers), iOS, Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, FireTV, all Android-based STBs (FireTV, etc.), Chromium-based STBs, Chromecast, Samsung TVs (Tizen 3.0+), LG TVs (WebOS 3+)
Player compatibility hls.js, dash.js, video.js, Skaka Player, Flowplayer, Clappr, JW Player, THEOPlayer, Bitmovin Player, RadiantMP, Castlabs, Brightcove Player, Azure Media Player, thePlatform MPX Player, AMP, Kaltura Player, ExoPlayer, NexPlayer, AVPlayer
Custom players
  • Can integrate with custom HTML5 players upon request
  • Can integrate with custom Android & iOS-based players upon request
Media format support
  • HTTP Streaming formats supports: DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming
  • Supports both live and VOD streaming, without adding any latency for live
  • CMAF support
  • Support for multi-bitrate streams
Media features
  • DRMs, tokens, geo-blocking & authentication mechanisms supported
  • SSAI providers support: Amazon Media Tailor, Yospace, AdInsertion Platform
  • Supports all common media features like subtitles, multi-audio, DVR, fallback URLs, etc.
Security features
  • Mesh network cryptographic integrity checks
  • Domain whitelisting• App secret key whitelisting
  • Fully encrypted communications with the backend (HTTPS & WSS)
  • DNA backend authentication and matching features
  • Fully encrypted DTLS mesh network communications
DNA dashboard - Web GUI to monitor and control
  • Monitor DNA vs. CDN traffic in volume and throughput
  • See number of concurrent users over time
  • See details per stream and per platform• QoS data: buffering ratio over time
Data API Basic Data API
  • DNA & CDN traffic over time
  • Concurrent viewers over time
  • Buffering ratio over time
  • Top 100 streams in traffic, bandwidth and audience
Advanced data analysis
  • Advanced Insights API (to be released in December) allowing multi-dimensional queries including:
    • Plataforma
    • Live & VOD
    • Stream
    • SiteId
    • País
    • ISP
  • Custom Efficiency Reports per customer upon request (paid service), accessing and compiling data from our Hadoop data pipeline
Dashboard real-time monitoring Real-time monitoring panel showing top streams with DNA vs. CDN efficiency and audience
Alerting and reporting
  • Automatic reporting interface that can send daily, weekly and monthly reports on efficiency and traffic
  • On-demand alerting service from our customer support if we detect anything unusual in different metrics: efficiency, audience, QoS, new release, etc.
Dashboard configuration Create properties to use different configuration options for different types of content (live vs. VoD, premium vs. free, etc.)
  • SSAI detection
  • Range request detection
  • Wifi and cellular network upload and download configuration
  • Activation Ratio feature for easy ramp-up and full control over the mesh network
  • Activation threshold for VOD: activate the DNA plugin only on the most popular streams with more than 3 active users in the last 20 minutes
Client-side configuration and API
  • Configuration: ContentId, asynchronous loading, siteId for DNA Enterprise
  • Client API:
    • Per-user traffic data
    • Upload and download control API per network type
Client-side optimization features
  • UDP-based delivery, better resource utilization than for HTTP/TCP
  • 100% transparent for end-users: nothing to install
  • In-segment multisourcing: pre-fetching each segment from several peers at the same time
  • Adaptive Device Resource Usage: our module constantly monitors core health metrics on the device (CPU, memory, QoS, battery, etc.) to adapt the efficiency algorithms to the capabilities of the device in real time
  • Advanced congestion control algorithms
  • Protection against uplink saturation
  • Pre-buffering from other peers• Dynamic buffer level configuration (patented)
Matching features
  • Smart matching via machine learning by network topology, ISP, region, city, etc.
  • Can restrict matching between specific ISPs or inside specific ISPs
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Instant and seamless fallback to CDN in case of any issues
  • Multi-region backend for better resilience and high availability
  • Can overcome short CDN downtimes by offloading delivery to the peer network

CDN Mesh Delivery Use Cases

CDN brings content and customers closer
Establishing a Global Footprint for Streaming Online Video

When broadcast and video websites need an effective platform to deliver high-quality content online, they seek a CDN with a global footprint that can offer excellent performance when faced with large amounts of traffic, as well as responsive customer service.

Delivering streaming online video globally using CDN
Reduce Costs, Improve Quality

By promoting a more efficient use of the network with customized delivery to every device, CDN Mesh Delivery allows broadcasters to meet their most demanding traffic spikes without compromising quality.

CDN improves security and reduces latency
Handle Surges Across Platforms

Home to large-scale political and cultural events, as well as major sporting tournaments, a public broadcasting provider turned to CDN Mesh Delivery to provide a robust server infrastructure to handle huge surges in audience.

“Whether you're seeking Web Performance Optimization, seamless Media Delivery, or enhanced Cloud Security, Lumen's Content Delivery Network solutions deliver."

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